Kakola Off-Grid Community Water Supply Project


If you want to know the value of a drop of water... ask a child who must:
a) do back-breaking work to lift a jerrican full of water,
b) walk lengthy miles each day carrying such water, often unfit for drinking, to sustain the entire family till a return trip to draw more is feasible.

Such an experience is exhausting, expensive, and neither is it safe nor a viable long-term option/solution for multiple families.

But having a centralized and stable source of clean, drinking water is!

The proposed project intends to support and satisfy a variety of community-level water requirements including providing connectivity of nearby households, schools, dispensaries, and security posts to a steady water supply.

KAKOLA Off-grid Community Water Supply System
The project aims to be a brilliant, smart way to improve the lives of many village-based families struggling hard especially in dry seasons to access clean water.

It helps lessen their burden of lack of clean water in the following ways:
a) Solar energy eliminates the need to lock into recurring fuel costs.
b) Centralized management keeps unit costs low passing on the benefits to users.
c) Creating awareness about the adverse effects of wasting water resources is easy.
d) Boosts immunity and wellness of kids by allowing them to focus more on learning.
e) Activating basic charges per usage boosts the project’s long-term success.
f) Proper management of key resources translates into affordable, low access costs.
g) Being community-owned increases the threshold to keep the project a going concern.
h) Water-fueled community conflicts are reduced, preserving lasting peace for all.

General health complications brought about by excessive SALINITY in the area include browning of teeth, hypertension, frequent cramps, dry skin, kidney overload, shrinking of the cells, etc. This project helps overcome these issues gradually.

It’s all about human life, being human to preserve civilization, and forging UNITY. Together, we can find ways to access and manage prudently what we have wasted before – WATER.

That means accelerating all such families towards FUTURE SUCCESS just by securing their WATER SOURCE! Transformative indeed, right?


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