Digital Proficiency and Labor Market Inclusion in Rebooks


Rebooks is a chain of 22 stores and a logistic center spread out through Israel. The chain provides vocational services for 1,150 service users with disabilities, 30% already implemented in the open labor market.

Since Rebooks has the biggest online selling website for second-hand books in Israel, most of the service users' vocational training is based on digital platforms. These platforms, for managing and handling online orders, already exist and are a unique development of Shekulo Tov Group. Service users use our software to manage the online and frontal activity of Reeboks. These activities include: receiving online orders, managing inventory, scanning books on a daily basis, tracking orders, contacting customers, providing online support, and so on. Today, most of these activities are being done manually due to a shortage of needed digital platforms and a limited financial budget. Hence, not all service users use the digital platforms and gain the digital proficiency they could gain.

Gaining proficiency in these activities, helps service users acquire knowledge and abilities which are essential to open labor market jobs. In addition, learning how to work on advanced digital platforms helps service users who live in remote demographic areas, which offers lower job opportunities for service users and gives them the opportunity to get implemented in jobs that offers work for home using digital platforms.

Accordingly, we need the most advanced digital platforms that will enable us to take the vocational training processes in our Rebooks, to the next level.

In order to advance the vocational training into the next level of working with advanced digital platforms, we need the list of products as detailed in section 3 of this proposal.


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