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Health training program & annual marathon:
A lot of people with disabilities have low self-esteem and lack of confidence, the lack of exercise is very common within them. Therefore, Co-Life home organize marathon annually, especially for the disadvantaged people, the number of participants is around 2500-3000 every year. We aim to help them to stay physically healthy and strong, as long as gaining back their confidence.

Sharing the love:
Not only serving those living in co-life home, Co-life home also provides free program for residents outside Co-Life, to about 50 residents who live in Gangshan district. Courses include: 1) Health program for residents, 2) Elderly program to prevent dementia, 3) Education: English & music classes for school students, 4) Job employment counseling for the unemployed.

Environmental sustainability:
Co-Life home uses aquaponics system to plant different vegetables and grow fish, no pesticide is used in the system, and it provides healthy and fresh food for our meals here. Furthermore, we sell fishes to make money, and use the basil we planted as ingredients of our brand products such as basil flavor noodles and egg-rolls. Eco-tourism is also a part of our education program, we organize site visiting tours for school and university students.

Problem and solutions:
The most urgent problem of Co-life home is the lack of resources. Due to the global covid-19 pandemic, Co-life home lost 70% of its income from sales, as no tourism is allowed from overseas since beginning of 2020.

In this proposal we would like to achieve:
(1) To help improve the living quality of residents
A lot of the current living necessities are either very old or broken, we need to renew the most urgent ones.

(2) To build a more self-sustained system in terms of environmental sustainability
Introducing solar energy panel system to Co-life home will help us to become a more environmentally friendly place. With our eco-tourism, it will also help educating to the public.

(3) To share the resources: upgrade the health program
We would like to introduce new exercising equipment to our health program, especially for the elderly. Upgrade our program allows us to:
(i) provide better course content and quality, (ii) increase the number of participants outside Co-Life home, (iii) strengthen the relationship between residents of Co-life home and residents living in the neighborhood. It also helps to eliminate negative stigmatization and stereotype of the disadvantaged, (iv) providing more benefit to the public via sharing resources.


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