(Withdrawn) A Proposal to Provide Renewable Energy by a Wind Turbine System for Local Homes and Schools for Villages Lacking Electricity in Vietnam


** The Proposer Has Withdrawn from the Campaign.

Around the world energy use is increasing by the day, and alternative sources of energy are the key to provide for the increasing needs as well as combat climate change. Recognizing the importance of providing sustainable energy, this project seeks to install wind turbines to utilize wind energy in villages lacking electricity in Vietnam.

The cost of connecting the homes to the grid is prohibitive hence the villagers have stayed without a reliable source of electricity for a long period. Villages might be poor but the availability of high winds can be utilized to provide power. Some individuals have invested in diesel generators but this has proved to be unaffordable as most of the villagers are poor therefore the need to deploy a project to provide electricity for the villagers.

To understand the urgency and importance of this project to the villagers would require someone to live in the village. The electrical needs of the villagers are mostly basic and necessary. They do not enjoy the comforts such as having the flick off a switch to have light in the house. This makes lighting one of the basic aims for implementing this project, which is to have electrical lights for every house in the village. It is hence important to provide a system that fully satisfies their need for light both in the house and outside. Most houses currently use kerosene for lighting and firewood for cooking. Both these expose the family to smoke which causes respiratory diseases such as asthma. Apart from being expensive Kerosene also provides insufficient light especially for children to study leading to poor performance in school.

Renewable energy is generated from sources that never run out. In its origins, wind energy was discovered as a means to provide rural areas with a reliable source of electricity. Wind energy does not emit toxic substances into the air or any water polluting substances hence produces energy in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner. Small wind turbines will be installed in the village to provide up to 40kw of electricity per turbine. Therefore, I want to submit this proposal to help villagers obtain a safe and stable energy source using Taiwan Excellence products.

This proposal aims to use 2MW wind turbines that will power 90 homesteads, a school and clinic.


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