Mama Laoshi Early Childhood Educational Program


As of August 2021, more than 9,000 Anti-Asian incidents such as verbal harassment, hate crimes, bullying, and physical assaults, have been reported since the pandemic began in the US. Furthermore, there is a general lack of Asian representation in America, leading to very few role models for our children.

We believe that the racially motivated violence and hate incidents are due to ignorance of Asian culture and that we can fight against racism through educating the younger generation, specifically children between the ages of 2-7. More than ever, it’s vital that we take steps now in addressing this as we raise our next generation of advocates and leaders.

Our goal is simple: Create a high-quality early childhood educational program to share Asian culture and language, explore different educational topics and address a young child’s social, developmental, and emotional needs. This children’s program will be accessible to all and be research-backed, engaging, and educational for young viewers between 2-7 years. Specifically, we will do this via creating an early childhood educational program called Mama Laoshi 媽媽老師 , released for free on YouTube.

We truly believe that Mama Laoshi can be a vehicle of impact and reach families with diverse backgrounds in the US. Mama Laoshi can and will be part of the solution in stopping Anti-Asian sentiment and will spread kindness, empathy, and thoughtfulness to young learners all over the world. As a diverse team of parents, our greatest wish is to raise our children in a world that is accepting and embracing of their hopes and dreams, strengths and weaknesses, and ambitions and values -- and we are excited for Mama Laoshi to be a key part of the solution.

Specifically, we are looking to create an additional 30 themed educational episodes to add to the Mama Laoshi Educational Program video collection series each with an educational angle that leverages one or more Taiwan Excellence Products (TEP) to enrich the learning experience. All of the topics and products selected are beneficial for the children’s development and will expand on their understanding towards the world and Asian culture.
In addition to producing high quality children’s educational content, we also understand the importance of building scale and reaching a larger audience to maximize impact. We also included in the execution plan a series of promotional activities and outreach programs that will further extend the influence of our Mama Laoshi Educational Program.
Given the size of the opportunity for impact, we estimate to positively influence over 100,000 young children and families in the US with new episodes released in partnership with Taiwan Excellence. As we scale leveraging the series of promotional activities and as more Mama Laoshi educational episodes are released, we expect our impact to grow substantially. Mama Laoshi is unique and there is no early childhood educational program like it.


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